Explore a DIVERSE Selection of CFD’s

Trade an extensive variety of Contracts for Difference (DFD’s) and diversify your portfolio. This will enable you to minimize risk and create new potential sources of revenue by spreading your investments across a number of different financial markets.

At Dow500 you can choose from multiple types of CFD’s, including global indices like the American NASDAQ, leading stocks such as Twitter, energy products like oil, agricultural commodities such as corn and precious metals like gold.

Execute your CFD trades quickly, safely and simply, taking advantage of market movements in either direction, at any hour of the day.

At Dow500 you will also receive personal training from a highly experienced, professional team of financial market experts.


Over 200 assets- a vast selection of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices

Dedicated account managers- 24 hour expert personal service and support

Cross platform capability- account access from your computer, tablet or mobile

Trading Terms

Benefit from highly attractive trading conditions on hundreds of available assets. Take advantage of the lucrative opportunities presented by the global forex and CFD markets, enjoying commission free trading, with zero fees, versatile, generous leverage and exceptionally narrow spreads.

CFD’s Trading Condition

  • Instrument
  • Spread
    (in pips)
  • Leverage
    (up to)*
  • MT4 Lot Settings
    (size of 1 lot)
  • MT4 Lot Settings
    (Min. Trade)
  • Trading Hours
Gilt10Y 0.06 1:100 1000 0.1 09:10-19:00
USBond5 0.06 1:100 1000 0.1 23:01-21:59
EUBond10 0.06 1:100 1000 0.1 07:00-21:00
USBond10 0.06 1:100 1000 0.1 23:01-21:59
USBond30 0.06 1:100 1000 0.1 23:01-21:59
BITCOIN Floating 10 100 24h
LITECOIN Floating 5 100 24h
ETHEREUM Floating 5 100 24h
RIPPLE Floating 5 10000 24h
BITCOINCASH Floating 5 100 24h
  • 1

Discover Even MORE Trading ASSETS


Explore the dynamic and lucrative global foreign exchange markets, trading an array of major, minor and exotic currency pairs



Trade on the success of the world’s biggest brands in every type of industry from Nokia and Netflix to Twitter and Tesla



Select from a range of equity markets from every corner of the globe, from the United States NASDAQ to the Japanese NIKKEI.



Enter the highly volatile commodities markets and trade all kinds of agricultural assets, precious metals and energy products.



Invest Responsibly:

Trading CFDs involves significant risks.
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